This is the blog of Curtis Bright, a mathematician and computer scientist from Canada. I hold a PhD from the University of Waterloo, a professorship at the University of Winsdor, and an adjunct professorship at Carleton University.

My primary interests are mathematics and computers but outside of that I am fascinated by the process of learning, to the point that I engage in new activities so I can examine myself improving. In that vein, I would like to posit the following conjecture:

You become great at something if and only if you spend a lot of time doing it.1

I call this a self-improvement blog because it’s primarily a way for me to practice, and hence improve, my writing skill.

According to Myers–Briggs my personality type is INTP, the “thinker” archetype. In practice this means I have strong analytical skills but can’t get my head out of the clouds. I do put effort into grounding myself, and that is the other main reason for this blog.

  1. Update 2019: I have since read a number of books on becoming an exceptional achiever since I made this conjecture in 2013. It seems the “if” direction does not hold in general, but may hold if the time is spent practicing deliberately.